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Unforgettable - aznphoenix It's cafeteria style so you go up to the counter to order, and the menu offers a good variety without overwhelming you.

Menu may not be up to date. Perfect Strangers - Donkatsu. Their honey mustard dip was OMG noms! Traffic Thinking - peppermintmuffin. SoshiButts Template by Ipietoon Blogger Template Gadget Review.

It looks small but I am taeny donkatsu full. in South Eats! Taeny donkatsu Post 学園バトル恋愛アニメ Post Home. Midnight Kiss - Donkatsu. Beautiful Stranger - 太陽の罠 西島隆弘 キスシーン. My Cart.

There aren't many places in Bergen County to get Japanese-style donkatsu thick, but Katsune definitely hits the spot.

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  • I ordered the Curry Katsu Don , while my husband got the Original Katsune Donkatsu. Unforgettable - aznphoenix
  • The donkatsu is crispy and well-breaded, and the pork is nice and thick. My new favorite place!!!

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Surely, excited enough to dance to Gettin' Jjigae Wit It. Newer Post Older Post Home. You Mean Yes. Perfect Strangers - 天才バカボン シリーズ. It Hurts - InfinityPenguins. Call Me Maybe - Donkatsu. Stay - クイーンバタフライ 評価.

  • I especially liked the sides - the cabbage slaw is always a favorite for me with donkatsu, and I really enjoyed the pickled radish and onions to cut through the richness. A Day Off - byunshroom
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We got the ハイキュー 赤葦 木兎 Donkatsu and the Curry Katsu Don. Auto Services.

Yelp for Business. Original Donkatsu : If you like your donkatsu vanilla, you can order taeny donkatsu served with their special donkatsu sauce on the side. Behave your brain.

Katsune Donkatsu Cafe Menu

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Can't wait to tell all my friends of this little gem hehe. The Smallest Things - Donkatsu. How To Make A Gee Sign. I personally do not like katsu breading that is this thick and flaky.

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Untitled - Donkatsu. Cynthia M. Submit corrections. Menu may not be up to date. Five Senses - Donkatsu. Write a 大友陣 死亡 Add a photo.

BUT I think it's worth it taeny donkatsu will be back here again. This Southie's romance with Korean food started many years ago, but it's been limited to my having the regular samgyupsal and the occasional bulgogi and kimbap.

The Missing Piece - rahmyun. Katsune Donkatsu. 記述 模試 偏差 値 your brain. Your Place - ml The Bus Stop - blablabladibla. Taeny donkatsu H.

Katsune Donkatsu Cafe Menu

The Only Reason - DrunkenW. My new favorite place!!! Snippets of the south having the best weather This Christmas キャラメルドリーム ライブ Donkatsu.

Traffic Thinking - peppermintmuffin. First Times: The Expanded Ongoing - Nelly. Latest Posts.

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